Monteverde is a small town, capital of the district of the same name, number 9 of Puntarenas, northwest of Costa Rica.

It is located on the western slopes of the Cordillera de Tilarán, approximately three-hour drive from the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

Monteverde is considered an important ecotourism destination in Costa Rica. The area is perhaps best known for the Monteverde Biological Reserve and many other private reserves, which attract a large number of tourists and naturalists interested in the mountains and tropical biodiversity.

Newsweek 100 places to remember before they disappear, Monteverde appears as # 14 America. It has also been considered one of the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica by popular vote, and has been called by the National Geographic “the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves.”

The population of Monteverde is between 250-750 people, usually bilingual (English-Spanish). Neighboring most developed is Santa Elena, which has about 6,500 permanent residents.

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Why go on a canopy tour in Monteverde?

Why go on a canopy tour in Monteverde? Adventure tourism has become popular in recent years, because many people have discovered the various benefits brought to your life by practicing extreme activities. We all agree that practicing any type of outdoor...

Monteverde: Zona of Life

Monteverde: Zona of Life Due to the climate and terrain conditions, the Cordillera de Tilarán encompasses great variety in environmental conditions, consequently having various types of vegetation. In the Pacific slope, under 1,000 m. above sea level, the...

Monteverde: Verde que te quiero Verde!

Monteverde: Verde que te quiero Verde! Nature lovers find themselves in an ideal place to live unforgettable experiences in Monteverde due to the close contact with an abundant flora and fauna. Admiring nature in Costa Rica is not difficult because...

Monteverde: Why go visit here?

Monteverde: Why go visit here?   Monteverde is a unique place in the world that will make you experience unique moments in your life. Experimental tourism is a growing global movement where people learn through direct experience and Monteverde is the ideal...