If you want to do what you can not with your vehicle in the city you should do your buggy tour in Monteverde.
The tour offers 2 hours adrenaline and fun under the direction of an experienced guide, driving on the streets of Monteverde and some farms. While driving you can take advantage to see beautiful views.

“After doing the tour I was dying to have a buggy for me. “

Buggies (also known as buggys) are a type of recreational vehicle, with four large wheels and wide tires, used to travel on sandy terrain such as beaches, dunes or desert areas.
An excursion in this type of vehicle is a perfect fusion between adventure, speed, adrenaline, racing, fun and lots of excitement.

“I felt like a kid when I rode my bike for the first time. The difference was not only many years since that time, but also the all-terrain vehicle I had in my hands. I simply loved the adrenaline and excitement of driving on difficult roads overcoming those stones and holes that my car could never have overcome. Being filled with mud is part of the Adventure and when it became time to cross the river I felt almost like Indiana Jones. I love driving and this adventure was perfect for me. ”

The requirements for the buggy are:

  • Be of age
  • Submit the driver’s license
  • This extreme tour is full of that adrenaline that only lovers of the four wheels have tried, and if you have never felt it dare!


Canopy Tour

Cables of up to 3400 feet long and 600 feet high. The best Canopy tour in Monteverde

BOOK NOW $50.00

Buggy Tour 1 Person

Extreme tour on the mountain in a Buggy Car.

BOOK NOW $80.00

Bungee Jump

Jump from a moving tram on cables hanging in a valley at a height of 450 feet

BOOK NOW $75.00

Buggy Tour 2 People

This tour is a “must do” experience

BOOK NOW $110.00

Swing Extremo

This is a swing fall from a tram 143 mts high, in the style of Tarzan grabbed on to a rope for 90mts

BOOK NOW $44.00

Family Buggy for 4 people

Monteverde Extremo Park offers you a Family Buggy for 4 people, with 2 boosters and a chair for children under 12 years

BOOK NOW $210.00

Monteverde Extremo park

Monteverde, SantaElena

Costa Rica

506 2645 6058