Enjoying your favorite activities in a safe environment allows you to fully enjoy every second of your Monteverde experience.

If you are planning your next vacation in Monteverde, you can not forget to include at least one canopy or zipline tour.

Composed of steel cables and platforms suspended at different heights between the trees, canopy tours will offer you a unique meaning  of access to magnificent natural spaces. And while they certainly fill you with adrenaline, canopy tours will also educate you about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

Perhaps you have already done canopy tours before, but if your canopy tour in Costa Rica will be the first, it is important that you take in condsideration some recommendations:

  • Safety practices: canopy tours in Costa Rica are very popular on family vacations. This means that there are some safety and maintenance practices that canopy companies have to fulfill.
    • In addition, some of them have implemented unique and innovative systems so that the use of the hands to brake is not necessary, which means that there is greater safety and less risk of accidents. Perfect for families with young children.
  • Age conditions: people of all ages can do canopy tours, since there are no minimum or maximum age restrictions for these tours. The important thing is that there are restrictions of weight and height that must be met in order to enjoy this exciting adventure.
  • Weight limits: In general, there is no maximum weight for canopy tours since the cables can support up to 5,000lbs. However, if there is a size limit for the waist and legs, as the harness must fit perfectly to be able to be secured in the best way. To safely carry out a canopy tour, the waist can not exceed  114cm and the thighs can not exceed 78cm in circumference. Most canopy companies warn that no one weighing more than 275lbs (124kg) is allowed.
    • What to bring? There are some important things that you need to take when doing a canopy tour in Costa Rica, no matter what:
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes: Long pants to protect legs and closed shoes to protect feet. – Insect repellent: Regardless of whether you are allergic to mosquito bites, it is best to wear repellent to avoid annoying bites. If natural repellent is possible, better!
  • Camera: Do not miss the breathtaking views and funny faces of your family!
  • Lens straps: To avoid losing your lenses in the middle of the forest, it is better to wear safety straps for the lenses.
  • Hat: A hat or cap is very helpful to protect the face of the sun, rain or wind. If you are traveling with children, a hat for them is a very good idea.
  • Sunscreen: Because you do not want to spend the rest of your vacation with annoying skin burns.
  • Binoculars: With luck you will observe hundreds of animals and interesting flora, a pair of binoculars will help you to appreciate it better.

It is also important to wear a poncho and a coat if you are visiting during the rainy season.