“If you want to fly like Superman this is your chance. Suspended from a cable I flew over the trees forgetting that experiences like these do not last forever … pity!

“I always feared the heights. I could not even stand on the balcony of a second floor so I never thought that one day and only motivated to impress a pretty girl would submit to one of the greatest tests of manhood that I would experience: Superman Zip Line.

“My heart started beating fast when it became serious and I realized that I had already paid for the tour, and that the girl I liked was very happy that we shared this adventure. When I threw my eyes closed, I could not open them, I was terrified, I wanted to think about something else, but I finally realized that I was flying over the lush rainforest as I planned Superman type enjoying a landscape that I never thought to see. I thought I was in heaven.

I did not realize when I threw the girl I liked, I was so afraid that everything was forgotten, I just wanted to survive that decision that my hormones forced me to take, but I swear I do not regret it! “

The Superman Zip Line is pure adrenaline. When they lowered my legs I was shaking and my heart was going to leave me, but from that moment I was another person.

They usually pick you up at the hotel and take you to the entrance of the cloud forest. After an assembly and security team they offer information with their highly trained tour guides.

After a few shorter cables you will reach the Big One: the longest zip line cable in Latine America, measuring 1590 meters (5216.5 feet). The extensive cable gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy the view as you fly over hills and lush rainforest.

If you choose to try Superman, you will be suspended from the back as you soar above superhero style.

Canopy Tour

Cables of up to 3400 feet long and 600 feet high. The best Canopy tour in Monteverde

BOOK NOW $50.00

Buggy Tour 1 Person

Extreme tour on the mountain in a Buggy Car.

BOOK NOW $80.00

Bungee Jump

Jump from a moving tram on cables hanging in a valley at a height of 450 feet

BOOK NOW $75.00

Buggy Tour 2 People

This tour is a “must do” experience

BOOK NOW $110.00

Swing Extremo

This is a swing fall from a tram 143 mts high, in the style of Tarzan grabbed on to a rope for 90mts

BOOK NOW $44.00

Family Buggy for 4 people

Monteverde Extremo Park offers you a Family Buggy for 4 people, with 2 boosters and a chair for children under 12 years

BOOK NOW $210.00

Monteverde Extremo park

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