Monteverde is an area that, in addition to spiritual relaxation, allows physical rest in extraordinarily comfortable conditions. These are part of the hotels in the region.

Cloud Forest Lodge

  • Tel. 2645-5058
  • 18 mountain rooms, air conditioning, bar, private trails. 1.5 kms from Santa Elena.

Green Hostel

  • Tel. 8380-3255
  • Restaurant, guided hikes, tropical agricultural activities, cataract baths, bird tours.

Hotel- Finca Los Valverde

  • Tel. 2645-5157
  • In the vicinity of the center of Santa Elena. It offers tours, bar restaurant, trails, private baths.

Albergue Monteverde Lodge

  • Tel. 2645-5057
  • Tours, jacuzzi, 25 luxurious rooms, private parking, beautiful gardens and gazebo. 1 km from Santa Elena.

Belmar Mountain Lodge

  • Tel. 2645-5201
  • 28 rooms, most with view to the Gulf of Nicoya, beautiful
  • Gardens, restaurant service, bar and private parking

Monteverde Mountain Hotel

  • Tel. 2645-5046
  • 38 rooms, some overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, private forest and private parking.

Vacation Specials

  • Tel. 2645-5025
  • 800 meters before the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, 21 rooms, restaurant service, bar and private parking.

Thinking about the comfort of the visitor and providing a unique experience surrounded by exuberant nature, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve offers you the possibility to stay in “La Casona“, a hostel with a rustic personality and harmonious with nature, its operation has been designed to minimize environmental impact through sustainable measures, and is backed by the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism with which it has 5 leaves.

“La Casona” houses 12 rooms with capacity for 52 people with all the amenities required by the guest, such as: cabins with bed linen, closets, bathrooms and showers, hot water in addition to the food and beverage area.

No matter where you decide to stay, Monteverde is definitely an incredible place where you can find everything you are looking for from an unforgettable trip.